Backgammon Instructions

EQUIPMENT: Board with 24 points (triangles), 30 stones (playing pieces – 15 each of two contrasting colours), two pairs of dice (one for each player) and one doubling cube. OBJECTIVE: To move all fifteen stones into the inner table and then begin to bear off (removing stones from the inner table and off the board). The first player to bear off all fifteen stones wins. TO BEGIN PLAY: Set up board as shown in diagram. Each player rolls one of […]

Beetle Game Instructions (Little Box Games)

This item is discontinued Each player, by throwing the die, tries to complete his drawing of the beetle. Each player must begin by throwing a one (1); this permits him to draw the body.  When this is drawn, he can throw for other parts of the beetle which can be joined to the body. A two (2) must be thrown to link the head to the body before the eyes or feelers can be added. The rolls are: 1 is […]

Bedtime Storytime 3D Viewer Instructions

Place the picture disc into the Stereoscopic viewer provided. To flick through press down on the top side lever. The box contains a Stereoscopic viewer, three picture discs and a story book containing three enchanting bedtime stories.

Bottle-Top Bullseye Game Instructions

A party game when you’ve no idea what to do with the bottle top once you’ve popped it off! Object of the game is to fling the bottle top with all the skill you can muster in your befuddled state at the magnetic target for a score and a rather droll piece of advice!

Blow Football Instructions

This is a very simple game for up to 8 players or for as many players as you can find straws. You can set it up anywhere and it will be an amusing diversion for family fun and games night. Place a border around the pitch (books might be suitable) to stop the ball going outside the field of play. Then put the ball in the middle of the pitch and…blow. RULES If you get the ball in the opponent’s […]

Catapult Flyer Instructions

Instructions for use : Loop the rubber band through the hook on the nose of the flyer. With a fast hold of the launch-stick, grip the flyer’s tail and pull back. Aim into a clear space outside and let slip!

Cribbage Instructions

Cribbage is an excellent card game for 2 or 3 persons playing as individuals or for 4 persons playing as partners. Rules The pack of cards used is a standard pack of 52 cards ranking from King high to Ace low.  The game commences with each player cutting a card from the pack to decide who shall deal first, the dealer being the person who draws the lowest card.  The dealer shuffles the cards prior to each deal, the cards […]

Cat’s Cradle Instructions

First Position The following movements put the loop on the hands in what for convenience may be called the First Position.  Very many string games begin in this way; and the movements should be learned now, as we shall not repeat the description with every figure. First: Put the little fingers into the loop of string, and separate the hands. You now have a single loop on each little finger passing directly and uncrossed to the opposite little finger. Second: […]

Chess & Draughts Instructions

CHESS Chess originated in India over 1000 years ago and is now played all over the world. It is regarded as one of the best strategy games for two players. Each Player has 16 pieces which move and capture in different ways and have differing levels of importance. Pawns ————–x 8 Knights ————-x 2 Bishops ————-x 2 Castles (Rooks) ——–x 2 Queen ————–x 1 King —————x 1 The board is placed between the players so that each has a white […]