Make & Do

Crafting is a great pasttime for families to do together or to while away a rainy day. What better feeling is there than when you’ve made something lovely by hand?

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  • Build-a-Bird Kit

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    Dino Glow T-Rex Model Kit

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  • dinosaur dig excavation kit fossil hunt activity

    Dinosaur Dig Excavation Kit

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  • Junior Adventurer’s Pocket Microscope

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  • Magic Art

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  • Mini Colouring Pencils

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  • Mosaic Art Set

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  • Nature Scratch Art Set

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  • Rainbow Dancer Ribbon Wand

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  • Real Flying Fighter Planes Kit

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  • Roman Coins Dig Kit | Dig Discovery

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  • Digger

    Tinka Tek Mini Engineering Kits

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  • Mini Modelling Clay

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  • Modelling Clay

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