7+ Years

Unleash excitement with our range of gifts for children aged 7 and up. Explore our handpicked selection featuring captivating project kits, thrilling marble games, and high-flying aircraft kits.
This Holiday season, go beyond the ordinary and ignite their imagination with these hand-selected gifts for your adventurous young minds!

🧠 Enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills with our range of project kits.

✈️ Inspire a passion for engineering and aviation with our fantastic Aircraft kits.

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    Spooky Specs

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  • Tub of 50 Marbles

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  • 30 Piece Marble Run

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  • 3D Glow in the Dark Solar System Wall Art

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  • 50 Piece Marble Run

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  • 70 Piece Marble Run

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  • 80mm Crystal Ball Sphere & Stand

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  • Amusing Disguise

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  • Animal Friends Erasers

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  • Bag of Butterfly Fairy Marbles

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  • Bag of T-Rex Marbles

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  • Bash a Burglar

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  • Bee Skipping Rope

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  • Bees, Birds & Butterflies Mosaic Art Set

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    Blow Football Game

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  • Box of Frogs

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  • Boxed Earth, Moon & Mars To-Scale Marbles

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  • Bumblebee Mini Flying Insect Kite

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  • Cat’s Cradle

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  • Catapult Glider

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  • Chess & Ludo Board Game

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