Marbles for Play

With these marbles for play, you can discover a world of enchanting Christmas marble gifts at House of Marbles! Dive into our marble-inspired wonderland. From bags brimming with vibrant marbles to intriguing games designed to unlock hours of fun, you’ll find the perfect marble gift right here.
Elevate your gifting game with unique and traditional presents that capture the essence of joy and nostalgia. Make this holiday season unforgettable with House of Marbles’ marble-based Christmas gifts that blend tradition and creativity.

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  • Cotton Marble Bag

    $2.00 Select options
  • 30 Piece Marble Run

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  • 50 Piece Marble Run

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  • 70 Piece Marble Run

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  • 80mm Crystal Ball Sphere & Stand

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  • Bag of Butterfly Fairy Marbles

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  • Bag of T-Rex Marbles

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  • Bash a Burglar

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  • Boxed Earth, Moon & Mars To-Scale Marbles

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  • Christmas Bag Of Marbles – Holly

    $8.99 Add to cart
  • Christmas Bag of Marbles – Snowflake

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  • Collectable Handmade Solitaire Board & Marble Set

    $61.00$85.40 Select options
  • Festive Flip Out Game

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  • Honeybee Net Bag of Marbles

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  • Knights Mini Marble Board Game

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  • Little Box of Marbles

    $7.99 Read more
  • Marble Games

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  • Marble Games Pack

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  • Marble Reward Jar

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  • Music Motion Wooden Marble Run

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  • Net Bag of Adventurer Marbles

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