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Each player, by throwing the die, tries to complete his drawing of the beetle.

Each player must begin by throwing a one (1); this permits him to draw the body.  When this is drawn, he can throw for other parts of the beetle which can be joined to the body.

A two (2) must be thrown to link the head to the body before the eyes or feelers can be added.

The rolls are:

  • 1 is for the body, of which there is one.
  • 2 is for the head, of which there is one.
  • 3 is for a leg, of which there are six.
  • 4 is for an antenna, of which there are two.
  • 5 is for an eye, of which there are two.
  • 6 is for the tail, of which there is one.

Sometimes it is agreed that a player may continue to throw in his turn for as long as he throws parts of the body he can use.

When a series of games is played, each player counts one point for every part of the beetle he has been able to draw and cumulative scores are carried forward from round to round.