Knitting Doll Instructions

Begin by threading the end of the yarn through the centre hole. Holding the tail end at the bottom of the Doll taut, wind the working yarn around each peg. Do this twice around. Take the yarn round the outside of the next peg, using the needle provided with your Doll lift up the loop on the peg up and over the yarn, creating a stitch. Pull the tail end to pull the stitch into the hole. Continue making stitches […]

Large and Mini Flower Press Instructions

Steps to take… -Pick flowers from your garden, or gather wildflowers from a field. Shop-bought flowers may also be pressed if you wish to select a certain type of flower that doesn’t grow in your region. Ferns and other leaves can also be preserved by pressing them, and they add a natural, wild element to the finished piece you’ll create with your dried flowers. (Flowers with naturally flat faces such as daises, violets and geraniums are easier to press than […]

Magnetic Darts Instructions

THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED Select a suitable location to hang your dartboard, preferably with at least 8 feet (2.5m) of open space. Ensure the dartboard is hung securely with the Bulls Eye 5 feet 8 inches from the floor (1.73m). Darts are traditionally thrown from a distance of 7 feet 9 1/4 (2.37m). The most commonly played dart game is called ‘301’ Each player plays with three darts. To determine who starts the game each player throws at the bulls […]

Magnetic Fishing Game Instructions

Set up the ‘aquarium’ game box and issue each player with a wooden rod. Toss the fish into the box in a random fashion. You are ready to begin. The youngest player starts. Standing or sitting as far from the game box as possible so as not to see how the contents lay (you may wish to insist the angler closes their eyes) cast your line into the colourfully printed ‘aquarium’. With a little bit of wriggling the magnetic ‘hook’ […]

Magnetic Travel Snakes & Ladders Instructions

The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach the end by moving across the board from square 1 to square 100. You will travel the board from base to top, right, then left and so on. Commence playing. The first player to roll 6 can enter the board. Each subsequent player must also throw a 6 to enter the board. The dice must be rolled again to show the number of squares that the player […]

Magnetic Travel Ludo Instructions

Luck and clever tactics lead to victory. An entertaining game for 2 to 4 people. Each player has four playing pieces of a particular colour. Object of the game The first player to move his 4 pieces around the board from his starting field to his home field (of the same colour) wins. Each player chooses a colour and places the 4 pieces of that colour on the matching start field. Each player then throws the 2 dice. Whoever throws […]

Magnetic Travel Chess Instructions

Chess originated in India over 1000 years ago and is now played all over the world. It is regarded as one of the best strategy games for two players. Each Player has 16 pieces which move and capture in different ways and have differing levels of importance. Pawns – – – – – – – – – – – – -x 8 Knights – – – – – – – – – – – – -x 2 Bishops – – […]

Magnetic Travel Sea Battle Instructions

Luck and clever tactics lead to victory. An entertaining game for 2 persons. Object of the game: Sink your opponent’s fleet before they sink yours! Assemble the battle board: When laid open and flat with the printed grid uppermost the box becomes the battle board. The cardboard screen must be inserted in the gap in the middle of the board to prevent your opponent from discerning the distribution of your armada. Each player has four vessels to place in their […]

Magic Show Act One Instructions

Finger Chopper This trick is simple and easy to perform, all you need is your finger and a bit of know how! Step 1: Pull up the handle of the chopper. Ask somebody from the audience to put his or her finger into the big hole of the chopper. Push the handle down slowly and lightly to demonstrate that there is a solid chopping bar in the centre of the chopper. Step 2: After the audience demonstration, put your finger […]

Magic Show Act Two Instructions

ACT 2 Mind reader A dice is secretly sealed into two small canisters.  Incredibly, you can always know which number of the dice is on top! Secret and performance: Ask a spectator to drop the dice into the smaller canister secretly. Tell him to remember the number on the top of the dice before sealing the lid. Take back the canister casually. Secretly look at the dice through the lid before you place the smaller canister into the bigger one. […]

Magic Cup & Balls Instructions

EFFECT Three cups and three balls are set down in a line. One of the balls is placed on top of the centre cup and the other two cups are placed on top. The magician makes a magical gesture and the cups are lifted to reveal that a ball has penetrated the cup. Again the cups are set in a line, the centre cup covering the ball which has already penetrated. Another ball is placed on top of the centre […]

Magic Numbers Instructions

Magic Number Cards Instructions Ask somebody in the audience to pick a number between 1 and 60, but not tell anybody what number they have chosen. Hand all six magic number cards to that person. Ask them to look at each card in turn to see if the number they have secretly chosen appears. If it does, the card should be handed to the magician. If it does not the card should be put to one side. As cards are […]

Magic Rope Trick Instructions

The magician is going to show the audience how an ordinary piece of rope can be cut in half by the special cutting machine and then instantly restored. This is how you do it: First of all, show the ordinary piece of rope to the audience. Let them feel it and give it a pull if you like. Put the rope through the cutting machine and then push the machine apart. The rope appears to be cut in half and […]

Make Your Own Sock Dinosaur Instructions

This item is discontinued Our Make Your Own Sock Dinosaur is best explained in the visual diagram found here.

Marble Chinese Checkers Instructions

Equipment A six pointed star coloured to hole 10 matching playing pieces. Pieces are played on the intersections of the lines. Ten pegs per person, each set a different colour. Object of the game To move all 10 pieces into the point of the star directly opposite. The Play Players decide who goes first, then take turns. The turns pass clockwise around the board, each player moving one piece in a turn. A piece can be moved in any direction, […]

Marble Games Instructions

The history of marbles The earliest marbles were made of flint and stone and baked clay.  Examples have been found in archaeological sites around the world and some of these, from Rome and ancient Egypt, can be found at the British Museum. There are frequent references to marbles in Roman literature and it is probably fair to assume that the Romans took this popular form of entertainment with them to all parts of their empire. For centuries thereafter the marbles […]

Mini Croquet Instructions

This item is discontinued A game for 2 – 4 players, on their own or as two teams.  The object is to drive a marble through a series of hoops by hitting it with a mallet.  The team to get both balls round the course is the winner. If two people are playing, they use two marbles each.  Otherwise, players have one marble each. Turns of play alternate. The court is usually rectangular and laid out as shown in the […]

Noughts & Crosses (Pad & Pencil) Instructions

Step 1: Decide who is going to be Noughts, who will be Crosses and who is the first player. Step 2: Each player takes a turn to add either and O or an X to the board.  The first player to line up three of their symbols in a row wins. Tips: Make sure you pay attention while playing, one wrong move will spell disaster! Always look to win or block a win move first. Try to think what your […]

O Deer Game Instructions

Players take it in turns to be a deer by donning the antlers and nose. The other players try to throw the gold rings onto the antlers from at least 2 metres away. You can play one of the following games or devise one of your own. Catch the Rings. Game One The deer attempts to catch as many rings on his or her antlers in one minute using the timer. The most rings wins. Game Two The deer attempts […]

Prickly Pile Up Instructions

The object of the game is to build the largest pile of porcupines possible. The winner is the last person to add a porcupine to the pile without it collapsing. Players take turns to place one porcupine to the pile at a time. The first three porcupines must be placed in a row to create a base. A porcupine cannot be laid on its (printed) side. A player may use one hand only to place a porcupine and must not […]

Pick Up Sticks Instructions

A game for any number of players. There are many variations to this game – here is one of the most popular versions. The object is to pick up sticks, one by one, from where they have fallen at random, without moving any other stick. Each stick has a value. The player who collects the highest value of sticks in each round is the winner. Decide the order of play and who is going to start. This player begins by […]