Finger Chopper

This trick is simple and easy to perform, all you need is your finger and a bit of know how!

Step 1: Pull up the handle of the chopper. Ask somebody from the audience to put his or her finger into the big hole of the chopper. Push the handle down slowly and lightly to demonstrate that there is a solid chopping bar in the centre of the chopper.

Step 2: After the audience demonstration, put your finger into the big hole whilst the blade is still at the bottom of the frame and life the blade, allowing the blade to touch your finger as it comes up. This will set the blade into it’s ‘safe’ position.

Step 3: Leave your finger in the big hole of the chopper. Now you can push down the handle quickly. th chopper will seem as if its going to cut your finger off, but you will escape unscathed.

Nails Through A Coin

Place the coin inside the box, blocking the spike holes. Put the lid on and then push eight spikes tright through the box as if the coin was not in the way. Then remove the spikes, open the cover and the coin is still in place!

Secret: Put the coin flat in the box, covering all of theholes. When you push the spikes through the holes, make sure that the first spikes go into the outer holes. The first spike will lift the coin and the rest of the spikes will then miss the coin.

Dissapearing Coin

You can make a coin dissapear and reappear with the magical coin slider. This is how you do it:

  1. Borrow a coin from a spectator and tell them you are going to make their coin dissappear.
  2. Place a coin into the opening on the tray.
  3. Slide the tray into the cover.
  4. Wave your hand (or magic wand) and say the magic words.
  5. Remove the tray to show the coin has dissapeared.
  6. Tell the spectator you will now make the coin reappear .
  7. Slide the tray back into the cover. Make sure you do it with the opposite end this time.
  8. Wave your hand (or magic wand) and say the magic words.
  9. Remove the tray to show the coin has reappeared.