Set up the ‘aquarium’ game box and issue each player with a wooden rod. Toss the fish into the box in a random fashion. You are ready to begin. The youngest player starts. Standing or sitting as far from the game box as possible so as not to see how the contents lay (you may wish to insist the angler closes their eyes) cast your line into the colourfully printed ‘aquarium’. With a little bit of wriggling the magnetic ‘hook’ on the end of your line will catch a random sea creature which you must now reel in. If the fish wriggles off the line and falls back in the box it is considered lost and play must pass to the next player. If you manage to successfully extract a fish from the box you can add the number printed on its body to your score. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins. Play continues until the box is fished out.