An entertaining pastime for 2-6 persons aged 4 and up!

Play: Construct the “JIGSAUR” game board to look like the opposite .

Leave the lava pieces in the box (these will be used later). Construct the volcano and set it into the middle of the board. Place the minute timer on top of the volcano. Toss the dice to determine order of play – highest score goes first. You are now ready to play. Turn the timer.

Throw the dice and move the requisite number of spaces. Roar like a dinosaur!

After one minute (one turn of the timer) take the two ‘No.1’ lava-pieces and lay them on the board over the volcano (line up the hole with the red dot on the board). The lava will now cover the first six spaces. Any dinosaur caught in the lava flow is immediately fossilized and is out of the game! Lay the next two (No.2) lava-pieces after another minute and so on until the whole board is covered. The first dinosaur to leave the board escapes extinction and is declared the winner. All other dinosaurs stay where they are fossilized.

Reset the game and try again!

For a less frantic game lay the lava pieces one at a time.

This set contains six dinosaur playing pieces, twelve lave-piece, nine ‘Jigsaur’ game board pieces, two interlocking Volcano pieces, one dice and one timer.