Wooden Brrm-Brrms Beach Bound

Price: $29.99

Set off on a seaside adventure with the Wooden Brrm-Brrms Beach Bound collection. These charming wooden vehicles, crafted with imagination in mind, are perfect for taking young minds on trips to the beach. Their size is just right for little hands, making them an excellent tool for children to imagine and enact beach outings, bringing the excitement of the shore to their playtime.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 18 months as small parts may present a choking hazard.

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Imaginative Journeys: The Beach Bound Brrm-Brrms are more than just toys – they’re portals to creative adventures. Kids can create beach stories, enhancing their creativity and storytelling skills. Playing with these toys becomes an exploration of the fun and discovery found in beach vacations.

Hands-On Fun: The Wooden Brrm-Brrms Beach Bound collection is designed for engaging tactile play. Their smooth, curved shapes and moving parts invite hands-on interaction, nurturing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young beach adventurers.

Tiddlytots: Encourage development through play. The range offers entertaining toys that spark imagination, boost creativity and improve problem-solving skills, contributing to your child’s overall growth.

Sustainably Sourced: This product is part of a growing collection of eco-friendly toys and games. This product is made from single-use, plastic-free and FSC-certified materials and supports sustainable forestry and wood recycling.