Spaceman Net Bag of Marbles

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Begin an interstellar journey with the Spaceman Net Bag of Marbles. Each marble is like a mini-universe, with swirls and patterns that remind you of outer space. These marbles are marvelous for marble enthusiasts and young astronomers, offering a fun and mesmerizing experience that brings the magic of space into your hands.

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Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age as small parts may present a choking hazard.

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Galactic Adventure: Embark on a galactic voyage with these spaceman-themed marbles. Their cosmic designs are more than visually stunning – they inspire imaginative play. Children can craft space-themed stories or admire galaxy-like patterns, making each marble a portal to interstellar adventures.

Astronomical Aesthetics: These marbles aren’t just toys but works of art. Each one is a tribute to the vastness of space, featuring colors and designs that reflect the beauty of the stars and planets. They’re perfect for collecting, displaying or engaging in celestial games!

Space Exploration: Blast off on a thrilling space adventure with this exciting collection. It’s focused on bringing the excitement of space exploration into your hands. Perfect for igniting curiosity and a passion for science, this range is designed for those ready to explore the universe.

Marbles Galore: A timeless joy for marble enthusiasts, now in new packaging with awesome themed designs. Explore the fascinating world of these beautifully made glass spheres, each with its unique swirls of color and captivating patterns.