Slimy Sticky Slugs

Price: $8.99

Discover the fun of gooey play with our Slimy Sticky Slugs! This set features two ultra-realistic slugs in black and transparent designs, perfect for squishy fun enthusiasts. With a stretchable texture and a lifelike appearance, these slugs are great for prank lovers and the curious at heart, adding a unique and tactile dimension to any playful toy collection.

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Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age as small parts may present a choking hazard.

Important information:

Keep away from soft furnishings.

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Prankster’s Fun: Ideal for those who enjoy a good laugh, these Slimy Sticky Slugs are perfect for light-hearted pranks. Their lifelike appearance and sticky texture make them excellent for harmless jokes, bringing a bit of humor to any situation.

Tactile Play: These slugs offer more than just prank potential; they are also great for tactile exploration. Kids can stretch, squish and stick them to different surfaces, discovering their unique feel. This kind of sensory play is entertaining and beneficial for developing fine motor skills.

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