Ruler of Space

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Start an educational trip through the stars with the Solar System Ruler. This isn’t just any ruler; it’s a colorful journey across our solar system. It showcases a holographic 3D view of the planets, from the Sun to distant Pluto. Perfect for young astronomers and students, this ruler turns every measurement into an exciting space adventure, with each planet vividly illustrated.

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Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age as small parts may present a choking hazard.

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Educational Ruler: This ruler is a multi-use educational tool. One side displays a detailed image of the solar system. In contrast, the other side has a multiplication table, interesting space facts and fun cosmic jokes. It’s an excellent resource for kids, combining practical measuring with a trip through space.

Versatile Measuring: This ruler is designed for different measuring needs, with both centimeters and inches. This dual system is excellent for various tasks, making it a valuable tool for schoolwork or home projects.

Space Adventure: Blast off on a fantastic space journey with this exciting collection. It’s focused on bringing the thrill of space exploration into your hands. Ideal for sparking curiosity and a love for science, this range is perfect for those ready to explore the universe.

Creative Stationery: Liven up everyday tasks with our themed stationery. It is excellent for all ages and adds a creative touch to schoolwork, homework or art projects with our unique designs.