Orange Flower Marble

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An exquisite and very large marble by Cathy Richardson. This marble has an intricate design with lots of detail – a real work of art in glass. Cathy Richardson is a well known marble maker who combines a love of nature with attention to detail. This marble is made with a combination of traditional glassblowing as well as surface design techniques which incorporate lamp-working and murrini techniques. Richardson uses a torch and rods of colored glass to draw the designs on the exterior of the glass while hot, and then the designs are cased over with more layers of clear glass and more layers of design. This marble does have a slight scratch on the surface, it is hardly noticeable but we spotted it so want to tell you before you buy. Made in 2002 and engraved with “C Richardson 2002”.

Measures approx: 3 inches or 76 mms

Maker: Cathy Richardson

Year created: 2002

Country of origin: USA

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