Luxury Solitaire Board Game – Oak

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Warning: This product is not a toy and is not intended for use in play by children.

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This exquisite solitaire board game is a true testament to the outstanding reputation and impressive skill set possessed by the talented craftsmen who created this masterpiece, making it more than deserving of its distinguished name.

Pre-order now with shipping from our US warehouse from 28th of June.

For the select few who appreciate the extraordinary, we present our flagship item: an exclusive Luxury Solitaire Board game. Painstakingly crafted at our Devon location, this exquisite marble set showcases unparalleled woodworking and glasswork, a testament to your discerning taste. This board also showcases a unique, one-of-a-kind marble that will truly make it stand out as your own.

Teign Valley Glass Studio’s commitment to traditional glass-blowing techniques and integration of these skills into creating marbles showcases a distinct blend of artistry and play. With over five decades at House of Marbles, this studio exhibits a legacy of craftsmanship that not only persists but thrives in contemporary times, attracting visitors from around the globe to our Devon location.

The crafting of marbles is a meticulous process involving the melting and shaping of glass at high temperatures. This process requires a profound understanding of the material and a deft hand, which is present in all of Teign Valley Glass Studio’s creations. The fact that each of the 33 first-grade marbles is handmade ensures that every piece is not just a game item but also a work of art, embodying a piece of the creator’s skill and passion.

Accompanying these marbles, the solid English oak board is another testament to craftsmanship. Woodworking, much like glass blowing, is an art that demands precision, skill, and an appreciation for the material at hand. The loving finish on these boards underscores the dedication to quality and durability, ensuring that the marble game set is beautiful to look at and will withstand the test of time.

The vibrant English oak is famous for its diverse color range, which varies from light yellow-brown to a luxurious golden-brown shade. English Oak boards are certified by both FSC and PEFC.

Please note 

While we strive to deliver a stunning handcrafted board, we assure you that the nature of the materials used may result in slight imperfections. These grain and finish differences add to the board’s charm and authenticity. The board in the photos is the exact board you will receive with this set, ensuring you get a truly unique piece.


Board diameter approx: 17.8in (45cm)

Board depth approx: 1.38in (3.5cm)

Individual marble diameter approx: 1.57in (40mm)

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