Lagoon Marble – LTD Edition – 40mm

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Lagoon marble looks just like a whirlpool in a marble – if that water contained mermaids (because the glass is magically glittery). Looks like a fairground ride trapped in glass! All Teign Valley Glass marbles are made in the Teign Valley Glass glassworks based in Devon, England – which is on the site of House of Marbles! This marble is Limited Edition, making it more highly desirable.

All our Teign Valley Glass marbles are individually boxed and are supplied with a stand. Each piece is handmade therefore colours and designs will vary. The photograph used on this page cannot reproduce the exact appearance of the marble. Measures approximately 40mm or 1.5 inches.

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Measures approximately: 40 mms or 1.57″

Maker: Teign Valley Glass

Country of origin: Devon – England