House of Marbles Logo Marble (24mm)

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Warning: This product is not a toy and is not intended for use in play by children.

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This unique House of Marbles Logo marble is a beautiful dichroic foil marble in stunning multi colours – it appears to be a different colour depending on which way you view it. This is in a lovely marble with primarily a purple and blue colour with gold, green and pink hues also to be seen depending on which way you turn the marble. The reverse of this marble is normally black, providing a perfect base for the design to stand out on. Dichroic designs are always popular in our online shop, but these are unique to us to if you are a fan of House Of Marbles then this is a must for any collection This marble has been made by Ashland Art Glass who are based in Oregon, USA. Marbles made by Ashland Art are unsigned. Please note that each marble varies slightly. We have limited stock of this item available.

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Measures approx: 1 inch / 24-25 mms

Maker: Ashland Art Glass

Country of origin: USA