Mr Pickles Bananas in Pyjamas Character Marble (35mm)

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A highly collectable Bilook marble made in 1990, this Mr Pickles Bananas In Pyjamas marble is a decal sulphide marble. Sulphide marbles refer to the insertion of in image within the glass. These are collectable because they are so difficult to make, plus who doesn’t love a good cartoon character?! Nine varieties available in the range and just a limited number of each. Please note that the size of the central image is flat and will vary in each marble to that photographed.

We have nine altogether in range including this one plus Wolverine, Tessa, Bamba, Razz, Delango, Lobo Blue Monkey, Lulu Bear & Rat in a Hat. Take a look below for some of the other varieties available.

Measures approx: 1 3/8 inches / 35mms

Maker: Bilook

Country of origin: USA

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