Hand Blown Glass Bauble

Price: $50.00$200.00

Unique Artistry: As each bauble is handmade, expect a unique piece that may vary slightly from the images shown.

Size: Each bauble measures approximately 101 mm or 4 inches at its widest point.

Origin: Proudly handmade in Devon, England.

Warning: This product is not a toy and is not intended for use in play by children.

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Introducing our Hand-Blown Multi-Colored Glass Bauble, brand new for 2023! A true masterpiece crafted with precision and passion by Teign Valley Glass Studios in Devon, England. 

The vibrant array of colors captivates the eye, creating a mesmerizing display that catches and reflects light in the most enchanting way.

Not just reserved for Christmas trees, these versatile baubles serve as year-round adornments, enhancing any room with a touch of sophistication. Whether hung from a decorative branch, displayed in a bowl, or used as a centerpiece, these baubles make a thoughtful and timeless gift for any occasion.

Please note that our baubles are handmade, so each one will vary (we consider this one of the great things about handmade items – that each piece is unique!). This means that what you receive will not look exactly like the example pictures shown here on this listing.