Goldstone Marble – White

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Goldstone – White is a British-made marble which has been made by Teign Valley Glass in Devon, England. Teign Valley Glass is the glassworks based at House of Marbles’ Headquarters in England. This marble has a lovely white core color with specs of gold decorating it. In order to get this appearance a white sand is taken to give the color of the core which is then flecked with Aventurine to give a glittering gold spotted appearance. The marble is then finished with a layer of clear glass to make it a smooth marble like the rest in the range. Each piece is handmade therefore colors and designs will vary. The photograph used on this page cannot reproduce the exact appearance of the marble. Each marble is engraved with “TVG” on the bottom.

Measures approx: 1.6 inches (1 9/16″) / 40 mms

Maker: Teign Valley Glass – this is the glassworks owned by House of Marbles, with items made at our HQ in Devon, England

Country of origin: UK

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