1.6″ Fall Back Daffodil Marble | Teign Valley Glass LTD Edition

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Fall Back – Daffodil is a British-made marble which has been handmade by Teign Valley Glass in Devon, England. Teign Valley Glass is the glassworks based at House of Marbles’ Headquarters in England. This marble is a lovely contrast between yellow and white, with the yellow separated into several individual canes twisting around the middle. This marble has been made from the same glass as used in Spring Forward – Daffodil and is the opposite design. Each piece is handmade therefore colors and designs will vary. The photograph used on this page cannot reproduce the exact appearance of the marble. Measures approximately 1.6 inches (1 9/16″) or 40 mms.

This marble was made exclusively for House of Marbles’ online shop. It is a limited edition marble which was released in November 2014. Only 25 of these marbles have been made and each one is engraved with “TVG” and a unique edition number.

Price: $48.00

Warning: This item is a collectible item and is not intended for use in play by children.

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