1.2″ Double Flower Marble | Christina Cody / Stinafire

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This marble is a double sided flower marble which means that there are two flowers facing one another within this exquisite design. On one side there is a deep purple (almost black) flower with blue detail, while on the opposite side there is a white flower (also with blue detail). You could look at this like a representation of good versus evil or yin and yang. Made for House of Marbles in 2015. Stinafire is the studio name of Christina Cody who draws a lot of inspiration from nature. Each marble is marked with the maker’s name on the bottom. You will receive the exact marble pictured here. Measures approx 1 3/16 inches (1.2″) or 32 mms.  

Price: $50.00

Warning: This item is a collectible marble and is not intended for use in play by children.

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