Bubble Banister Ball – Blue

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Warning: This product is not a toy and is not intended for use in play by children.

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These Banister Balls are finials or newels / newel posts that are made in Devon, England on the same site at House of Marbles by Teign Valley Glass. The color options seen here are all that we have available. Banister Balls measure approximately 90mms or 3.5 inches across at the widest part (that is seen). Banister Balls will vary in size slightly due to the nature of the product and the way they are made. To be secured in place using epoxy resin on the frosted finish glass post attached to the Banister Ball.

Our bubbles Banister Ball design is created by using a layer of bicarb (baking soda!) in the core of the glass. It’s an agent that fizzes, releasing gas when heated & trapped – an old glassworks trick to make the appearance of infinite tiny bubbles.

Design: Bubbles

Color: Blue

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Please note that our Banister Balls are handmade and so each one will vary (we consider this to be one of the great things about handmade items – that each one is unique!). This means that what you receive will not look exactly like the example pictures shown here on this listing. For more information about variations please take a look on the following link HERE to see our Marble Information Page as much of the same information applies to our Banister Balls, which are made in a very similar way. 

The 2nd image below shows a cross-section of the Banister so that you can see how the finial is attached, but the post is not actually visible. 

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