Gifts For Grown-ups

Celebrate the magic of Christmas with thoughtful gifts for grown-ups at House of Marbles. Our curated collection is designed to inspire and bring feelings of nostalgia, making this Holiday season one to remember. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for him or her, find inspiration in our wonderful collection of Christmas Gifts for grown-ups.

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  • Folding Cribbage Set

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  • Hand Blown Glass Bauble

    $50.00$200.00 Select options
  • Handmade Glass Robin

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  • Junior Adventurer’s Head Torch

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  • Knights Mini Marble Board Game

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  • Luxury Solitaire Board Game – American Walnut

    $1,999.00 Read more
  • Luxury Solitaire Board Game – English Oak

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  • Multi-Use Flashlight Torch – Junior Adventurers

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  • Nine Man’s Morris Mini Marble Board Game

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  • Noughts and Crosses Mini Marble Board Game

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  • Puzzler’s Choc-A-Blocks

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  • Shopping Bag – Birds & Bees

    $9.95 Select options
  • Standard Marble Solitaire

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  • Stone Marble Solitaire Game

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  • Toppling Tower Wooden Puzzle Game

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  • Tower of Hanoi Past Times Wooden Puzzle

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  • Triangle Solitaire Mini Marble Board Game

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  • Sale!

    Water Bubble

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  • Wooden Chess & Draughts Set

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  • Wooden Chess Set

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  • Wooden Chinese Chequers

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